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Of course, the podcast isn't the only place to learn useful things to help you develop your business. I'm sharing here a number of potentially useful sources of information that I hope will help you. If you have any suggestions for others, do let me know - and I'm sure the last will grow over time.

The links are clickable to take you right there.


Social Media Examiner

This is a great site for everything to do with social media. Whatever your level of usage or understanding you can be sure to learn what you need here.

Content Marketing


Content is key - and the Content Marketting Institute is a great  resource for learning how to do content well

The Networking Retreat

My friend Stefan Thomas, author of best-seller 'Business Networking for Dummies' and international speaker is the man behind The Networking Retreat. Learn how to do effective business networking from the man who wrote the book!

Also, check out their free app, allowing you to network straight from your phone:


If you want to know how to use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool, these guys definitely know their stuff!

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