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It's not enough just to be good at what you do! Throughout my career it's been obvious that of equal importance is how attractively you present yourself and your business, how well you communicate, and the quality of the reputation you build. Plus, of course, being effective at running a business as well as the thing a business is about. My pleasure is to help others get better at these things - and I hope this podcast will help you too.

My working life has embraced marketing, business development, the movie industry, still photography, video production, sound engineering - and management consultancy across businesses from small to large. Yes, quite a mixture! I've also been, and am, a small business owner myself. 

mach6 media, my main business, helps people and businesses look and sound their best online. To find out more about that, visit me at

I live in South Hertfordshire in the UK with my partner Maxine, chocolate labrador Harry and Staffie Lexi. I play bass guitar, enjoy cooking, the outdoors and all types of technology (so yes, I'm a bit of a geek!)

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