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For SME businesses or solo, self-employed business people, standing out from the crowd, attracting new customers and growing your brand - often on a very limited budget - can be pretty challenging. Here at the start of 2021, with the business environment massively impacted by the Covid pandemic (and for some of those in the UK, also Brexit), there are even more challenges than usual for business people to overcome.

Knowing specifically what to do to establish or grow your business, and even more so in 2021, is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve successful outcomes. We still see some 20% of businesses fail in their first year and a further 60% within three years - far too many.


So being on top of your business game generally will make a big difference to any business at any stage - including yours. But how to do it all in these challenging times and make things work for you and enhance your results?


In each episode, my aim is to provide you with ideas, know-how and 'how-to's', including interviews with highly experienced folk from the business world and beyond and more. Information to help you develop better strategies, make your brand more attractive and your business communications better - so you can move on up and stand out more...


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A podcast to help you do business better, build your brand, and stand out more...

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